About Us

Hi and welcome to the Earth Saver's Club for Kids! I am Kylie (13). I am Devon (12). And I am Piper (10) and we are sisters who decided we wanted to do our part to take care of our earth and everything in it. The Earth Saver's Club for kids is all about kid's joining together with other kids from around the world to help save the earth. Anybody can be a member, all you have to do is promise to do one thing to save the earth.

We founded the club for four main reasons:

  • First, even though we are YOUNG, we knew we needed to be leaders in saving the earth for our future.
  • We thought that the Earth Saver's Club for Kids would give other young people the help they need to not just learn about saving the earth but to actually DO something to make a difference.
  • Since we all share the same earth, we wanted our club to be GLOBAL, open to ALL kids around the world
  • We know that the time is NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, but Now for kids to start helping to save the earth.

 We try to do something every day to help save the earth and we hope that you will too! So join us by making your pledge and help us spread the word by telling your friends to join! The more kids who become members, the more people we have working together to save the earth!

We were interviewed on live radio for earth day this year. You can hear it at the earthlink below. Click Here to launch the audio. Our interview is about 28 minutes into the show (right after the girls in Shanghai).

Devon wrote an article for a great ezine magazine called B’Tweens.

The Almanac interviewed Kylie, Devon and Piper about Earth Saver’s Club for Kids and printed an article in their 9-8-10 edition.  Once you get to the page, click to the right once to see the article.