Earth Saving Projects

Fun Projects and Challenges You Can Do With Your Family, Friends or Schoolmates

Plan a Save the Earth Birthday Party.

Help stop junk mail by writing letters to the companies. Check out the EarthLinks page for organizations who can teach you how to do it or can do it for you.

Look online, in your local paper or on a community bulletin board and find a community project in your area your family can do together. See EarthLinks for some organizations that plan green projects (send us your links too).

Gallons per minute test: Take a bucket or bowl and put it under a shower or faucet. Turn the water on. Use a watch or stop watch and let the water run for one minute. Turn off the water and measure how many gallons of water you captured in a minute. If you capture more than 2 gallons in a minute in then ask your parents to get a low flow plumbing fixture for the shower or sink.

Use the Earth Saver's Club, Color it Green checklist to see how green your home is and see how you can help make it greener.

Do a brainstorming session with your friends and family to come up with 10 or more tips to save the earth.

Make up your own green game that doesn't use electricity, but it can use natural or recycled materials. (send us your ideas and we will put it on our website).

Check out the ESCK Green Glossary and teach your family what a "phantom load" is.

Plant a butterfly garden in a corner of your yard or in a window box.

Build a habitat using all natural materials. Identify an animal local to your home. Research that animals natural habitat. Collect the materials from around your house (bark, sticks, plants, rocks, etc). Build your habitat. Remember no man-made materials.

Take the short shower challenge: See who in your family can take the shortest shower (include mom and dad). Don't forget to wash out your shampoo.

Pick up trash at the beach.

Collect enough money to donate 20 young fruit trees to a public park.


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